A bus stop in Belvedere has been defaced with graffiti swastikas, leaving residents furious.

The graffiti depicts black swastikas within love hearts covering the bus stop at Nuxley Village.

One resident, Dee Worley, told News Shopper that she worried what messages hate-filled symbols such as these were sending to the young people who attend schools nearby.

News Shopper:

Lessness Heath Primary School is on the same road as the bus stop, whilst Trinity School, Belvedere is just a few roads away.

Ms Worley, who lives on Woolwich Road, said: "I was so saddened by this, and lots of our young community will now have seen this. It is a wonderful neighbourhood and I hate to see it so awfully defaced."

Other comments on the post on Facebook included one woman stating she was "shocked to the core" by the graffiti, and that she could not believe this was happening in her community.

Another questioned the culprit's timing so close to Remembrance Sunday, asking "how can they think this is a joke?"

Bexley Council said it treats offensive graffiti as a priority, and this particular graffiti has now been removed.