Bexley enforcement officers have successfully identified those responsible for fly-tipping residential waste in Seacourt Road, Thamesmead.

The waste was found on November 7 opposite Willow Bank Primary School, an area that is regularly fly-tipped.

A search of the waste led officers to successfully identify four addresses.

As a result, four fixed penalty notices of £400 have been issued, and are on their way to the offenders.

The illegal dumping or abandoning of waste litter is a criminal offence.

It can result in fines and, if successfully prosecuted, imprisonment.

More than 56 fixed penalty notices have been issued in the Borough and 11 have been issued to offenders in Thamesmead in the last six months.

The Fixed Penalty Notices were issued under section 33 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 for the offence of unauthorised deposit of waste.

Payment must be made within two weeks of the date of issue to avoid prosecution.