Plans to relocate Beckenham library will spilt up "much needed community facilities", opponents have claimed.

Almost 1,500 members of the public have signed an online petition calling for the library to remain at its current location, rather than be moved to Beckenham Halls to make way for a housing development.

Labour councillors say the current location, which is near to Beckenham Spa and Venue 28, makes the library part of a community "hub" which can't be recreated elsewhere.

Ellie Reeves, Labour Party Parliamentary Candidate in Lewisham West and Penge, said: “As a regular user of Beckenham library with my young son I am strongly opposed to these proposals and will be campaigning against them.

"The library is the hub of our local community and an extremely well loved and well used resource, indeed I am looking forward to going to the really popular activities for babies that they host when I start my maternity leave shortly.”

The plans were voted through at Tuesday's Renewal, Recreation and Housing committee, despite opposition from Labour councillor Ian Dunn, who started the petition, and Clr Josh King.

They claimed the proceeds of sale from the land will go towards a £400,000 maintenance backlog at Beckenham Halls, the consequence of a council policy of "not maintaining its properties unless it is essential."

Labour Councillor Ian Dunn said “Quite simply, this proposal is robbing Peter to pay Paul; it is terrible news for the many families who visit Beckenham Library and the Spa in one journey.

"And it makes no sense at all to split these facilities when the council is merging them into one site elsewhere.”

Aisha Cuthbert, Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Lewisham West and Penge, countered the claims, arguing that the relocation would make the library accessible to more residents and providing much needed, affordable housing.

She said: “I am disappointed that the Labour party are spreading false rumours about Beckenham Library.

"Bromley Council are proposing to relocate the library into a new, more modern, community-based hub in the heart of Beckenham Town Centre.

"This will mean more local residents will be able to use this new fantastic community service.

"The plans by Bromley Council also mean we will provide much needed local affordable housing at the old site.

"It’s a shame Labour are not supporting this plan which will improve local services and at the same time, provide new homes.”

The Council was approached for comment.