A woman has called for greater "education" and "sensitivity" after youths racially abused her and her Chinese father on Bromley High Street.

Sylvia Mia-Skinsley, 36, was walking towards Bromley North with her dad on Sunday evening, when she noticed a group of around five white teens outside The Glades.

As they passed, one of the group attempted to "fist bump" her father, prompting Sylvia to bring the 82-year-old close and quicken their pace, fearing confrontation.

From behind, the group shouted racial taunts, telling the pair to "go eat a cat."

Sylvia, who has lived in Grove Park for five years, said: "It saddens me.

"By 2019 I hoped we would be passed this sort of thing.

"I've experienced old-school racism, where people have a certain mindset as a result of where they live, but teenagers should be more aware of the world.

"The group weren't just picking on me, but I was an easy target. Maybe it was for a lack of anything else to say; racism is an easy way of getting a rise out of people."

Sylvia's father Ip-Hung Ma was visiting from Tampa, Florida, where she grew up before moving to the UK.

She believes Chinese people are "easy targets" as they often struggle with the language barrier and choose to avoid conflict rather than escalate situations.

It's not the first time Sylvia has been racially abused in London. She says a similar incident occurred in Grove Park two years ago.

Sylvia, who works as an insight analyst, said: "I just really want people to be racially sensitive.

"Race shouldn't be used a tool to rile people up for someone else's entertainment.

"They know it's wrong, and they were deliberately saying it to get a rise out of me.

"Why is that considered to be cool and accepted by your peers?

"Maybe the Chinese people needs to speak out and tell people that we do understand what they're saying, and that we find it hurtful."