The "enraged" father of a man stabbed to death in Kidbrooke has called for stricter punishments for those found carrying knives.

Cliff Marcus is appealing for a two-year minimum sentence for carrying a knife, but he said he'll be "devastated" when his online petition is closed down due to the impending election.

Leo Marcus was just 22 when he was murdered in broad daylight on July 10 for not handing his phone over. Shackim Taylor, 19, of Gunyard Mews, was arrested and charged with murder, robbery and possession of an offensive weapon.

Leo's father Cliff has now made an emotional appeal for reformed knife crime laws, stating: "If you know when you leave your house with a knife that if you get caught, you won't be going home for at least two years, then people will stop."

He added: "You choose to leave your house with a knife, no one forces you, and you should be punished for that.

"Since Leo died I’ve heard so many excuses as to why people carry knives, it enrages me. What we want is a two-year prison sentence for carrying a knife, across the board and for people of all ages."

Mr Marcus pointed to a similar law for carrying a firearm which has significantly cut the number of gun-related incidents.

"At the moment kids are getting away with it, and they know they’re getting away with it. Let them know beforehand what the punishment will be, there is no point issuing a punishment after someone has died."

The petition has so far acquired 73,000 signatures, and was on its way to reaching the 100,000 needed to be debated in Parliament until Mr Marcus received a letter informing him that all petitions under the threshold would be closed due to the General Election.

Cliff said: "We've just done this on Facebook, but people clearly agree with me. It's the politicians, they just don't care.

"It is sad that someone has to die for people to listen. Whenever there was another stabbing it would pitch up massively."

The Government did respond, stating that convictions and custodial sentences for knife or offensive weapon possession are now more likely than any other point in the last 10 years.

Cliff said the response just "didn't answer the question we're asking."

He added that if the the petition was closed down, "I'll be devastated, but as soon as I get the chance I'll start a petition again. I won't stop."

To sign the petition, please follow this link: