A "dangerous and violent" dad who suffocated his girlfriend with a pillow and punched her has been found guilty of assault and controlling behaviour.

Remmel Parker, 20, from Blackheath, told his girlfriend Demi Fleming to jump out of the window to escape when she broke free from his cruel attack.

After she jumped from the second-floor, Parker told her to lie about her injuries before suffocating her again when she returned from hospital.

Ms Fleming eventually told her aunt about the abuse she suffered at the hands of the father of her child and her aunt then reported it to police.

Until she spoke to her aunt, Ms Fleming was too scared to speak to report the abuse due to threats Parker had made against her extended family.

Parker was convicted of controlling and coercive behaviour, assault amounting to ABH and breaching a non-molestation order at Woolwich Crown Court on November 1.

Richard Partridge from the Crown Prosecution Service said: “Ms Fleming suffered at the hands of Remmel Parker over a number of years.

“As the father of her child, she should have found in him someone she could trust and who supported her, not someone who regularly controlled, assaulted and manipulated her.

“For years, Ms Fleming was terrified to tell anyone about the abuse she endured. Parker’s endless threats to her and her family secured her silence for three years.

“This conviction will hopefully help Ms Fleming move on, safe in the knowledge that he will no longer pose a risk to her.”

DC Jay Gasson of the South East Safeguarding Unit said: “Parker is a dangerous and violent perpetrator of domestic abuse. He has shown a high level of violence towards the victim and sought to control her daily life.

“His controlling and violent behaviour led to the victim jumping from a second floor window to escape Parker who threatened her. He also assaulted her further after she returned from the hospital, which included suffocating and strangling her.

“I wholeheartedly commend the bravery of the victim in coming forward to police and her courage in giving evidence against Parker.

“I hope that this verdict sends a message to those who are violent and coercive in a domestic setting, that police take these matters seriously and will fully investigate allegations and place perpetrators before the courts.

"I encourage anyone who is a victim of physical or mental domestic abuse to contact officers without delay with the assurance that you will be listened to and supported.”