The mum of a schoolgirl whose death could be linked to air pollution has appealed for the return of photos of her daughter after her car was broken into.

Rosamund Kissi-Debrah, whose nine-year-old daughter Ella Roberta died after suffering from a severe asthma attack, had her car window smashed in Beckenham over the weekend.

The mum-of-three and former teacher from Hither Green, who has successfully campaigned for a second inquest into Ella’s death, has asked for the safe return of her belongings after they were cruelly stolen from the car.

News Shopper:

In an appeal to the thief on Facebook, she said her twins were “tearful and shaken” by the incident.

She believes the window was smashed between 9.20 and 9.45pm on Saturday evening.

She wrote: “What I will miss most of all is something that is worthless to you but means everything to me – photos.

“There are press clippings of my late daughter, photos of my late foster parents, photos of my late Mum who passed away in June, photos of my twins.”

The clean air campaigner who runs a charity in her daughter’s name is also missing a copy of her manifesto for the upcoming general election campaign.

Speaking to News Shopper, she confirmed she is standing as a Green Party candidate in Lewisham East.

Rosamund added: “My diary is so important to me, I have school dates that I am visiting to teach them about air pollution, my kids’ hospital dates, my own hospital dates, my life basically up to January.

She has appealed to the thief to leave the diary – which has her name written inside it – in a public place, in the hope “it will get back to me.”

Rosamund has campaigned tirelessly for answers about her daughter’s death after Ella died in 2013 after a series of asthma attacks that brought on seizures.

News Shopper:

Ella’s first inquest in 2014 found she had died of acute respiratory failure and severe asthma.

But when Professor Stephen Holgate monitored air pollution levels on the south circular near Ella’s Hither Green home, he found huge spikes in pollution at the time of her asthma attacks.

In light of this new evidence, the High Court granted a new inquest into Ella’s death in May.

Ella may become the first person in the UK to have ‘air pollution’ listed on her death certificate.