A gang of teenage boys created chaos in the Vue cinema on Eltham High Street on Halloween night, reportedly setting off fireworks from inside the building.

Greenwich Police and the London Fire Brigade attended on Thursday evening after reports of a group causing damage to cars, shops and inside the cinema.

A witness inside the cinema at the time of the disturbance said: "We where watching Maleficent in screen two when around seven or eight teenage boys ran up the stairs.

"The boys let off fireworks in the corridor and I believe by the fire exit, and then they ran down and out of the fire exit.

"It all happened very quickly, people were just looking around wondering what was going on. We were then made to evacuate. I would 100% praise the staff, police and fire brigade, they were all amazing."

This is just one example of antisocial behaviour this Halloween, with police in Bexley dealing with "cars flipped, machetes and a rampage through Tesco," all on October 31.

Earlier this month, Scotland Yard launched a seasonal crackdown on anti-social behaviour in preparation for Halloween and Bonfire Night.

During last year's Autumn festivities, calls to police services went up by an average of six per cent.

The Met Police Service confirmed that officers were called to Eltham High Street at 20:56 on the Thursday following reports of a group of youths attacking a shop.

A spokesperson said: "Officers and LAS attended and completed a report for criminal damage, collected CCTV footage of the incident and spoken to witnesses.

"No arrests have been made. Enquiries into the full circumstances continue."