Cars flipped by teens, reports of machetes and gangs rampaging through Tesco, this is what Bexley police had to deal with last night.

Halloween shenanigans aren't a new story, but emergency services in Sidcup were tested last night.

A spokesman from Blendon and Penhill police said: "We have attended several calls including a group of about 20 youths turning over a car in Welling.

"We started off the shift with disorder just across the road from our office in Station Road where a large group of youths had been rampaging through Tesco Express where a member of staff and two members of the public were assaulted."

They stopped as many as they could between them, however some of the teens ran away.

At least two suspects were identified from CCTV.

Three possible suspects were dispersed from the area and two were taken home and will be dealt with by way of interview under caution at a later date.

One will be reported to TfL for using their free Oyster travel to come to the area to cause ASB.

The spokesman continued: "We also stopped four youths in Willersley Avenue who were searched as we received information they had been letting off fireworks in the street.

"A resident of Rowley Avenue flagged us down whose house had been approached by four males, one of which was believed to have had what looked like a machete. We did an extensive search of the area but did not find anyone."

And last but not least, police spent a lot of time in Welling last night after they came across four cars in Rose Bruford College entrance where some of the occupants were “doing balloons”.

Details were taken along with car details for intel purposes. They were told to leave the area and not come back.

Last night across the borough and the wider BCU officers have been attacked with fireworks, at least two cars have been overturned by youths intent in destruction of property including the one we attended in Welling (Video of LFB righting the car below.

The spokesman concluded: "It’s been a crazy night out there and we now have a mountain of paperwork to complete before we go off duty."