The cousin of a superhero-loving six-year-old boy battling cancer for the third time has said the family is “broken” by his diagnosis – but they will not give up hope.

Donna Marie Wilfort, From Catford, is organising events in south east London to help reach a £500k target to fund CAR-T therapy in the USA for little Denny Nassy, who has acute ALL leukaemia.

The schoolboy from Hastings is about to start a gruelling round of intense chemotherapy at the Royal Marsden after low-level chemo failed to suppress his illness.

Meanwhile his three-year-old sister Marley is receiving chemotherapy for the same type of leukaemia.

“Marley was diagnosed last year. She’s also under the Royal Marsden and the Conquest Hospital in Hastings.

“She’s having her chemo and seems to be responding well to it, but it’s heartbreaking,” Donna told News Shopper.

“This is the third time Denny has battled the illness and he received a bone marrow transplant last year.

“In June of this year he rang the bell and went into remission as cancer-free – but now the leukaemia has returned.”

She added the unlikely odds of two siblings battling the same type of cancer at the same time has caught the attention of a lot of kind strangers – and within weeks of the fundraiser being set up, the family has raised nearly £30,000.

“People are so kind. We’ve managed to round up so much support in London and in Hastings.”

“We are broken as a family but the more people that are offering donations and support raises awareness and it does help.

“It’s not just about the money – more awareness is needed.”

While Denny and Marley are receiving treatment in hospital, his parents Marie-Anne Cornelius and Dave Nassy have been spending their days at the Royal Marsden, while nan Denise Chinery-Wilfort has been described as a "massive help" to the family.

And with the family in hospital, Donna has taken it upon herself to raise the profile of his campaign in Lewisham, with an event being held at Livesey Hall on Perry Hill on November 11 for Team Denny.

Speaking to News Shopper, she said her six-year-old cousin is “not quite himself” but still in high spirits while he is staying in the hospital.

“He has been battling this leukaemia since he was two. But you would never believe this child was poorly.

“He’s always really happy and in good spirits. He’s such a kind little boy, for a boy who is so unwell.

“You would expect him to be down all the time, but his mood never changes.

“Because he’s like that, he keeps the family positive. He’s got some lovely friends at school.”

She described her cousin as a “typical little boy” who loves making people laugh.

“He’s really funny and absolutely loves telling jokes. He loves Lego and he loves superheroes.”

You can follow Denny's campaign on Instagram @TeamDenny06.