The co-author of a new book on Orpington history hopes that it will help to preserve the area’s past.

Phil Waller, 44, who was first inspired to look into the local area’s history by ‘Back to the Future II’, set up Orpington History to educate on, and further explore, its past 20 years ago.

His second book ‘Lost Orpington and Around’, written with Tom Yeeles, explores locations in and around the town which have vanished or been radically changed - including 24 ‘lost’ pubs.

Mr Waller said: “My biggest thing is education. Young people need to know about what’s gone on in the past.

“We try to keep the books at a level where everyone can enjoy them.

“They don’t have to be an expert in history, they can pick up a book and enjoy it.

Mr Waller’s first book, ‘Around Orpington Through Time,’ was published in 2012.

Members of Orpington History have also published ‘Orpington and Around History Tour,’ which allows readers to explore the local area as they read about its past.

The group, which is supported by Lord Avebury, is calling on people living in Orpington and the surrounding area to donate primary sources such as maps, photos and books so they can expand their research.

Mr Waller added: “It’s very important to preserve the past.

“Our heritage and culture is massively important; when people aren’t educated on what our heritage and culture is, you lose an identity.”

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