A Sydenham woman wants to thank the mystery conker collector who returned her wallet by post a month after she dropped it on the street.

Laura Jones, 40, was resigned to having lost her cards, driving licence and cash, after she arrived at the pub only to realise her wallet had fallen out of her pocket on Kirkdale.

But yesterday it was delivered through her front door, alongside a post-it note which read: "Enclosed was found in the gutter among the leaves on Jews Walk. Regards, horse chestnut collector."

Ms Jones, a local authority officer, said: "Me and my family retraced my steps for at least an hour and found nothing.

"Yesterday it arrived in the post, with that blue post-it and nothing else.

"Driving license, debit card, first class stamps, £20 all inside just as I'd lost them.

"Plus my treasured nectar card (I mean, who doesn't save their points up for christmas?!).

"My car was crashed into on Friday and the fella just drove off, earlier today I heard the police aren't going to follow up on it (austerity, not their fault), and so to get my wallet back today has restored my faith in people a bit!

"Kindness is hugely underrated, don't you think?"

Now Ms Jones wants to find the autumnal samaritan who went out of their way to help.

She said: "I'd just like to say thanks, and that I'll make sure to pay it forward.

"It seems like everyone's so cross at the moment, with things the way they are - it's nice to know that there's good people out there."