Two more dead cats found mutilated with a "bladed instrument" in Chislehurst and Petts Wood have been linked to the UK Animal Killer.

One cat was found on a neighbours drive in Chislehurst on Sunday with a "signature injury", which South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty (SNARL) claims will "blow away the suggestion that foxes are responsible for these mutilations."

SNARL has also confirmed the body of a cat found in Petts Wood on Monday was mutilated by a person, bearing injuries consistent with those inflicted by the UK Animal Killer.

A spokesperson for SNARL said: "We will in due course be releasing details of this signature injury to the press.

"It is a specific injury, one that is actually very surgical and one that is impossible for a fox to perform unless it is very skilled in the use of a knife.

"It will hopefully blow away the suggestion that foxes are responsible for these mutilations.

"Our advice remains to keep cats indoors at night and with the darker evenings, call them in earlier if you can.

"RIP little one and our heartfelt condolences to his family."

These latest incidents follow the discovery in Bellingham of a "much loved" cat mutilated in a similar fashion on Saturday, making it three killings in three days.

Just over a week ago SNARL founder Tony Jenkins branded the suspected killer a "terrorist" after a headless and tailless body was discovered "on show" in Penge.

"People are petrified a head or tail will come back later," he said.

"Body parts have been left outside schools, in kiddie playgrounds, in gardens with trampolines and it is causing terror to parents."

"He has thought of young children and it is terror in its purest form.

"Whoever does this is a terrorist and you can quote me on that."

SNARL is continuing to privately investigate what they describe as the UK Animal Killer despite the Met closing the case last year, having concluded the deaths were caused by cars running over cats which were then mutilated by foxes.