Bexley is warning residents that rogue tradesmen are still doing business in the borough, but there is a way to report them.

The council's 'What Tradesman' scheme has been helping residents find reliable local traders for 16 years.

A spokesman from the council said: "Sadly, there are still incidents where residents, particularly the vulnerable, are being tricked by rogue tradesman who cold-call and try to charge exorbitant prices for work which is often shoddy, or not done at all."

However, members of the 'What Tradesman' scheme have often been able to step in to do the work for a fair price instead.

Recent examples include:

- A rogue trader cold-called a resident and charged £1,500 to repair the roof.

Fortunately, the potential victim didn’t pay as the bank notified the police.

A 'What Tradesman' member then attended and it cost the consumer just £30 to do the work needed.

- A 'What Tradesman' member charged a consumer £80 after a rogue trader had wanted £1,200 for the same work.

- In a third incident, a rogue trader wanted £26,000 for work.

The consumer paid £17,000 but was given a £8,000 refund after Bexley Trading Standards became involved. A 'What Tradesman' member completed the work for £795.

The 'What Tradesman' scheme has seen great improvements since it began:

The website has been updated and is now mobile friendly

There are separate consumer and trader tabs

Consumers can now leave comments

Traders can upload photos and videos

Cllr Peter Craske, Bexley’s Cabinet Member for Places said: "We strongly recommend that people use the free Bexley 'What Tradesman' scheme when they need work carried out. All traders registered have gone through checks by Trading Standards officers and feedback on the site is checked for authenticity.”

The register is open to both Bexley and Greenwich traders. It costs traders £100 +VAT to join. Consumers can browse the register for free.

For further information visit Trading Standards on the Council's website.