An Orpington plumber has slammed Bromley Council for refusing to cover damage caused to his van by a series of potholes on his street.

Bobby Youle, 33, had to fork out £223 for repairs and missed a day's work when his suspension rod was knocked loose as he bumped down Chapman Lane on September 9.

But the Council says he isn't entitled to compensation, since "sufficient" repairs were carried out on the street back in August.

"I just feel like they don't care," Mr Youle said.

"They are refusing to pay out as I can't tell them exactly which pothole caused the damage, but there are so many that would be impossible.

"It's a narrow country lane, with trees and bushes on either side, so the amount of traffic takes its toll on the road surface.

"Neighbours have told me their cars have been damaged too and they’re having to pay out - it’s not right.

"I've sent them loads of photos, plus the receipt from the repairs.

"It's not a private road, we all pay our tax, but at this point it seems like they're just trying to shirk responsibility."

Mr Youle first reported the problem back in July, after a number of neighbours told him the road surface was taking a toll on their vehicles.

The Council sent workmen to the street on August 28, fixing nine potholes deemed 'above investigatory level', but Mr Youle says this barely scratched the surface of the problem.

In a letter sent to Mr Youle, a Council spokesperson said: "At the time of the incident, all potholes above investigatory level had been repaired.

"In the circumstances, whilst I have every sympathy with you, I do not believe that the Borough has been negligent or in breach of its statutory duty and accordingly, I very much regret I shall be unable to assist with regard to compensation."

A Freedom of Information request submitted last year revealed Bromley Council has paid out more than £30,000 to motorists and cyclists because of potholes since 2013.

The Council has been contacted for comment.