Seven men have been arrested after officers were made aware of a youth with a 'gun'.

At around 6pm last night (October 2) police were called to Bladindon Drive junction of Crofton Avenue where three youths were seen, one of which was seen to have a gun tucked into his trousers.

Unarmed response units were deployed as well as three Trojan (Firearms) units.

Seven men were then seen in Sherwood Park Avenue by officers who followed them into the Park.

They were observed in the park passing the gun around and firing it.

Firearms officers then detained seven men, all of whom were arrested for various offences including possession of a firearm with intent, possession of drugs and possession of an offensive weapon.

All are currently in custody.

It is unknown at this stage whether it was a real gun.

A spokesman from Blendon and Penhill police said: "The fact that they were passing it around and firing it makes me think it was probably a BB gun.

"Even if it was, If you go out in public with any type of gun you are likely to be arrested by armed officers.

"Real or not, when you're staring down the barrel of a firearm you have to assume its real and police and courts will deal with it as a real gun whether it is or not."