The jury in the trial of the man accused of murdering mother-of-five Sarah Wellgreen have visited the home where it is alleged she spent her last moments alive.

Jurors, who have been sitting at London's Woolwich Crown Court, arrived at the four-bedroom property in Bazes Shaw, New Ash Green, accompanied by Judge Christopher Kinch QC, prosecution and defence lawyers, the court clerk and ushers.

The view of the scene of the 46-year-old beautician's whereabouts came just a week short of the first anniversary of her disappearance.

The jurors were taken through the isolated route Ms Wellgreen's former partner Ben Lacomba, 39, is alleged to have driven in his taxi after killing her in order to dispose of her body, which has not been found.

Lacomba denies murder on October 9 2018, claiming he was asleep all night before waking to find Ms Wellgreen was missing from their New Ash Green home.

The prosecution say his Vauxhall Zafira with its distinctive All Night Cars logo on the side was captured on eight cameras between 2.13am and 4.27am as he drove away from his home, out into Hartley Bottom, towards the village of Stansted, and back.

The prosecution say Lacomba murdered her in a "premeditated and calculated act" and may have been motivated by the potential loss of his property and resulting limited contact with the children.

The group, escorted by Kent Police, arrived at the leafy village of small rows of terraced houses and detached bungalows in two blacked-out minibuses shortly before 11am.

Lacomba did not attend.

Ms Wellgreen and Lacomba lived at number 22.

Prosecutor Alison Morgan QC told the party that Ms Wellgreen's vehicle was parked outside the side of their house and she pointed out the home CCTV system which Lacomba is accused of having switched off.

The jury went on foot to a neighbour's property, where Lacomba is said to have asked about its security cameras.

They walked two routes from number 22 through to car park two where Lacomba, say the prosecution, "unusually and quite deliberately" chose to park his taxi on October 9.

The jury were also taken back on the minibuses to trace the route Lacomba is alleged to have driven.

Ms Morgan told them: "We will stop at each of the eight CCTV cameras which the prosecution say catch the defendant's car on that route in both directions, so out and in."

For the next hour the group were taken along Church Road and the outskirts of New Ash Green, into the narrow, winding lanes of Hartley Hill, Hartley Bottom Road, past an area known as Cuckold Corner, on to Pease Hill and then towards Stansted along Plaxdale Green Road.

The trial continues on Thursday.