There have been a number of thefts in Bexley in the past few days and police have provided residents with an update.

Blendon and Penhill Police offered a transparent approach this morning and listed all the recent crimes.

They reported how a Koi Carp fish was stolen from a garden pond overnight on the 28/29th of September.

On September 30 there was an attempted burglary in Dorchester Avenue when a resident heard a noise at her front door.

A police statement added: "Then she looked out she saw a male bending down near the front door. As he saw her he then made his way back down drive where he joined three other males.

"They were seen going into other properties trying door handles. A white vehicle was also seen."

Blendon and Penhill Police also wrote how a Ford Transit was stolen in Sherwood Park Avenue.

Another vehicle, a Vauxhall Astra Stolen, was also nicked overnight on 28/29th September in Wellington Avenue.

On October 1 a distraction theft was reported at a shop in Blendon Road where a phone and cash and debit cards were taken.

Police said they were also aware that two men in balaclavas were seen in Bladindon Drive and that two people were arrested.

"When we know more we will let you know," the statement added.