A furious man has blasted B&Q after claiming his girlfriend was turned away from using a bathroom despite proving she had a serious bowel condition.

Stephanie Barton, 27, was in tears after allegedly being told she could not use the company loo because she was "not pregnant".

She suffers from Ulcerative Colitis and urgently needed the toilet before claiming staff refused her request. 

The pair went to Eltham’s B&Q on Footscray Road on Sunday (September 29) to pick up bits for their new home in Sidcup.

A sudden need struck Stephanie and she immediately sought assistance from staff.

"I pulled in and told her to go in quickly," Daniel Walker, 34, told News Shopper.

"She very politely asked if she could use the toilet and showed them her skeleton card and said it was urgent. She is always polite."

The health card states: "The holder of this card has Inflammatory Bowel Disease and needs to use your toilet facilities urgently. Thank you."

News Shopper:

According to Daniel, multiple staff members questioned Stephanie before denying her toilet access after speaking to a manager.

However, B&Q insist they did offer Stephanie a toilet on the first floor, something the couple adamantly deny.

Desperate Stephanie arrived back to the car to tell Daniel what happened.

"I went bananas," Daniel said. "I was blown away. I won’t go into detail but it was bad.

"People should be aware of how disgusting B&Q are."

News Shopper:

Daniel added that he would never go back to B&Q after the "absolutely horrendous" treatment endured by his girlfriend.

"She always carries that card just in case," he explained. "I am so disgusted that they would turn someone away like that."

However, B&Q said the customer was not able to access the first-floor toilet despite staff supposedly offering.

A spokesperson told News Shopper: "We always try our best to accommodate customers where we can. On this occasion we did offer the use of a staff facility on the first floor, which unfortunately the customer was not able to access."

Daniel said he was "disgusted" by B&Q's response and said Stephanie is "not in a wheelchair" and is capable of walking up stairs to access the toilet.

The couple still claim that at no point was a toilet offered.