Memorial benches left in a pile in Beckenham Place Park will be reinstalled around the park, Lewisham Council has said.

Park users had expressed dismay at the state of the benches which they said had been "dumped" inside the park near the Beckenham Hill entrance.

Beckenham Place Park was officially relaunched in July after a £6.8 million revamp which saw a new swimming lake installed and restoration of derelict buildings carried out.

The memorial benches were uprooted during the renovation and have not yet found new homes in the park.

Carole Hope, who took a stroll through the park last Wednesday, took photos of the pile of benches which have been cordoned off by temporary barriers and posted them on her blog.

One bench reads: "Derrick Simpson (09.11.34 - 14.08.13).

"Beloved Dad, Husband and Grandad. Lovingly remembered, eternally missed.

"Slippers and a pint at the 19th."

A Twitter user also sent photos of the benches to News Shopper.

In a tweet, the user accused the Council of having "no respect" for the families of the people whose memories have been inscribed on the benches.

Speaking to News Shopper, Ms Hope noted the benches she spotted had been moved into their new spot after being taken away from the children's play area.

In July, Ms Hope submitted a public question Cllr Sophie McGeevor to ask if the council would move the benches out of the new play area.

The cabinet member for transport and environment responded: "We will reposition these memorial benches around the park."

Ms Hope said: "They could have put them anywhere on that parkland. The park is massive."

A Lewisham Council spokeswoman confirmed: "The benches were removed from their original positions so that works could be carried out as part of the park’s restoration.

"They will be re-sited within the park so that they can continue to be used.”

The Council has not indicated when the benches will be reinstalled.