A father from Blackheath is set to complete a difficult swim to raise money for children with cancer.

Max Senecaut lives with his wife and three children and he has always been grateful for them being very happy and healthy.

Last summer Max and his family went on holiday with the childrens' cousin, Manissé.

The following week Manissé celebrated her second birthday surrounded by her friends and family at a big party.

However, just one week later Manissé was diagnosed with an acute Leukaemia.

Max said: "She was healthy but now she is very sick and fragile. The next day she was sent to hospital and within a few days after all tests were carried out, she started having chemotherapy."

The family immediately knew that this would be a long and painful journey with a lot of weeks spent in hospital.

Manissé's parents resigned from their jobs, as caring for their child had become their full-time work.

Max continued: "When this happened, I realised how thin the limit between healthy life and sickness can be.

"One day, everything is perfect, the next your worst nightmare becomes your reality."

Max knew that he had to do something to help and so on October 6, Max and his brother-in-law, Gregory, and a few other family members will take part in a swim to raise money to help.

The open water swim between Marseille and Cassis in the South of France has never been done before.

It is a very long swim, with an 18km option for the bravest and a 10km option, which is the Olympic distance.

They are organising this race to raise funds for charity and associations who are helping children, parents and family coping with the tough environment of hospital and bringing joy and hope in the darkest moments of life.

Max said: "I will take part in this swim challenge but with a different spirit than simply finishing, not even saying winning or breaking a time record.

"I will do the MC 10Km Swim Challenge with no swimming or physical preparation at all and challenge myself to finish the swim.

"For those of you who know me well, you already know that I will give everything I have but, on this occasion, I cannot guarantee I will finish unchanged."

Max has already raised more than £2,500 and is hoping to continue raising awareness.

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