An emotional statement from the mother of murdered 18-year-old Jay Sewell has provided an insight into the effects of the horrific murder on the family.

Daniel Grogan, 20, and seven other members of his family and friends were found guilty on Friday (September 27) for their roles in last December’s murder.

A family impact statement from Jay’s mother, Sharon Louch, has since been circulated by police following the convictions.

The statement read: “It breaks my heart to know that Jay will never be able to fulfil his dreams.

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Daniel Grogan, 20, sister Francesca Grogan, 30, father Robert Grogan, 57, and mother Anne Grogan, 54

“He is my first thought when I wake up and last before I go to bed. I try my hardest to shield my children from the pain, but I can’t do it. They all know they will never see their brother again.

“It’s been nearly ten months since that day in December, each one proving as hard as that before it. The trial lasted for what seemed an eternity, I pray I never have anything to compare it to.”

“We as a family have taken whatever steps are necessary to ensure we have been there to support Jay and show him we care. I have not worked and had so much time away from my children at a place in their lives when they need me the most.

“There is no sentence this court or any other can pass which can come close to healing the pain or make up for not being able to look at my Jay’s face or hear him laugh. I haven’t come here expecting or wanting it to.

“However it does provide a glimmer of hope that those responsible have been held to account for their actions.

“Jay you were a blessing and made us proud from the day you came to us until the moment you were taken.”

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Liam Hickey, 19, Charlie Dudley, 26, and Jamie Bennett, 31

Daniel Grogan was found guilty of murder, violent disorder and wounding with intent in relation to the fatal stabbing – which saw members of his family and friends assist in the attack.

Grogan's sister - 30-year-old Francesca Grogan and her boyfriend Jamie Bennett, 31 were convicted of violent disorder.

His parents and Grove Park residents Anne Grogan, 54 and her husband Robert Grogan, a 57-year-old Royal Mail employee, were convicted of manslaughter and violent disorder - Mr Grogan was also guilty of wounding with intent.

Lastly Mr Grogan's 19-year-old cousin Liam Hickey was convicted of wounding with intent and violent disorder.

And, family friend Charlie Dudley 26, was found guilty of manslaughter, wounding with intent and violent disorder.

A teenage defendant who can't be named for legal reasons had also been convicted of violent disorder.

Sentencing is due to take place on Monday, 30 September at the Old Bailey.