The burglary saga in Chislehurst has taken another twist after Bromley Council said there is no "pressing need" for the high street to be equipped with CCTV.

This is despite a campaign to install high street CCTV after a spate of burglaries left traders devastated.

But councillor Kate Lymer has said "fear of crime is greater than the incidence of crime itself" especially in a "low crime area" like Chislehurst.

Alison Stammers, chairwoman of the Chislehurst Town Team, said she was "rather saddened" by the council’s "insensitive" stance.

She has been campaigning for months to get the council’s backing on CCTV in the belief it would give police a greater chance of catching those responsible.

We understand some businesses in the area are willing to fund the cost themselves.

There have been a number of burglaries in Chislehurst in the past few weeks including a man smashing his way into a salon using a hammer.

News Shopper also spoke to the owner of a dry cleaners who had to scare off a burglar armed with a rock in the dead of night.

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Below is the full statement of Kate Lymer, executive councillor for public protection and enforcement, explaining why CCTV was not necessary.

"We must remember that the fear of crime is greater than the incidence of crime itself, especially in our borough, which is recognised as being a lower crime area, which most definitely includes Chislehurst.

"Having reviewed the evidence earlier this year with police, we are not convinced of the pressing need that we would need to demonstrate to justify the installation of CCTV but clearly we will keep this under review.

"We are aware that some businesses may choose to consider raising funds to install CCTV themselves, over and above their use on their business premises.

"We are always happy to meet to offer advice and guidance about the legislative requirements alongside some of the technical issues which would need to be considered.

"The Council can and does install temporary CCTV as a tool to help the police and in these circumstances, we expect that the problem will be resolved quickly.

"The police will usually request this following a number of complaints from the public and this remains an option on a Borough wide basis."

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However, this statement was criticised my Ms Stammers who described it as "insensitive" and said crime in Chislehurst was not well perceived.

She added to Shopper: "Over recent weeks, we have seen a number of our small independent businesses targeted and other incidents in and around the High Street and Parades. The shock, upset, and disruption to those businesses and people are very real.

"We submitted a case for CCTV to the Council earlier this week so it was dispiriting to learn that, although they knew this was on its way, they made a decision the day before not to proceed. We are hopeful that in the light of the evidence we have provided with up to date crime information, and with police support, that they will reconsider as we contend that there is indeed a pressing need.

"We are grateful for the temporary cctv camera in the Hornbrook House car park which has served its purpose as a deterrent as we hope cctv elsewhere in the High Street will."

Do you think CCTV in Chislehurst will help prevent more burglaries? Let us know in the comments.