Welcome to the latest piece in our series, Unsung Heroes, where we visit people in south east London who deserve recognition for their efforts and achievements.

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Every Wednesday Stacey Johnson drives a minibus around Orpington and collects elderly folk from their homes before taking them to a "vital" dementia day care centre.

The mum, 55, has been volunteering ever since the death of her grandmother to make a difference to people living with dementia.

Her grandmother, Grace Bonny, was a client of the Saxon Day Centre in Orpington for 15 years and died 10 years ago at the grand old age of 101.

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"When she died, we came here to settle up the bills and there was a big post on the window looking for a volunteer," Stacey recalled.

Housewife Stacey said she decided to help because of the tremendous care her grandmother received.

"Grandma saw a lot of people come and go here and she loved it," Stacey said.

Stacey, who has lived in Orpington for 30 years, started volunteering by going to the local Sainsbury's and picking up three items for each client.

Soon more drivers were needed and 10 years on and Stacey is still helping the clients get to and from the centre.

"I love driving," she said while sat chatting to News Shopper in the Saxon. "My children went to school quite far away and they are both sporty - so I have driven them all over the country.

"The fact I can do it and bring people in makes me feel good. There’s not many drivers around and there would be people who wouldn’t be able to get here otherwise."

Stacey laughed when asked did she expect to still be volunteering 10 years later.

"Sometimes you look back and think 'wow ten years where did that time go'," she added.

News Shopper:

Her favourite thing about driving clients to the centre is having conversations.

She explained: "I like talking and they tell you things about their family or lives and it’s just lovely. I just like to make sure they are happy and smiling. It’s quite rewarding.

"Even though I am only driving I know I am bringing them here to have a nice day.

"We are on the bus for about an hour and in that time I sit and chat to them while we wait for the next client to come on."

She went on to say: "One man I pick up tells me a story about a wild Jackdaw bird he used to apparently go to school with. I mean I don't know how true it is but I have no reason to disbelieve it."

Stacey described the Saxon Day Centre as "vital" and said the facility makes a huge difference.

"Sitting at home staring at four walls is not good for your mental health," she said. "Some of the people here have families a long way away and don’t see anybody."

The selfless mum said she would "do anything" for the Saxon and said the carers and other volunteers are an incredible team.

Stacey lives day to day and has no idea how many more years she will be volunteering.

"I will just keep coming in every week," she laughed.