A primary school in Thamesmead is devastated after a large amount of expensive fencing was stolen.

Willow Bank on Seacourt Road is an important school at the heart of the community, however last week fencing that separates the school from the road was stolen.

Head of Willow Bank, Mrs Malhi, told News Shopper: "The children were extremely upset to arrive at school to find the fencing missing.

"It’s devastating that the school has been targeted in this way. The fencing is an expensive resource but is also an essential safeguard for our children whilst on the field.

"It’s disappointing for the children to think people have come into their school when they weren’t there and done this."

Willow Bank is looking for anyone who might have witnessed the theft or any suspicious activity in the area around September 19/20.

Mrs Malhi continued: "This is a school at the very heart of the community and this senseless act - taking away provision from our children - has left many of us both stunned and angry.

"Who wants to steal from little children?"

News Shopper has been told that the fencing that is left has also been cut, which makes the school think the culprits may attempt to return and steal more.

The school has therefore put additional security in place for this; once again funding used that should be directly going to the children.

Mrs Malhi continued: "Every member of staff at Willow Bank and within the Woodland Academy Trust are working extremely hard to continually improve the school for the benefit of the children.

"With so much support from our wonderful Thamesmead community, we feel sure the perpetrators of this horrendous crime must surely be from outside."

The school is a close, tight knit family and say that this will not stop them from doing what they do each and every day.

The headmistress said: "We transform life chances for the children and communities we serve and couldn’t be prouder than being at the heart of Thamesmead.

"Sadly we must make our parents, carers and local community aware that Willow Bank Primary School has been a victim of trespassing and theft."

If you have any information or have witnessed anything suspicious taking place, please contact Willow Bank or call the police directly on 101.

Mrs Malhi concluded: "Should you see anything further taking place, please do not approach them as your safety and wellbeing is paramount to us."