Lewisham Council has appointed Cllr Eva Stamirowski to its board of directors overseeing the development of the Catford Shopping Centre, following concerns raised as far back as 2014.

The Catford Regeneration Partnership Limited is a council-owned company responsible for the development of the Catford Shopping Centre, created in 2010.

But an audit last year found the number of directors should have increased from two to three – and include a non-executive member.

Concerns about the robustness of scrutiny with two directors were raised as far back as 2014.

This March, the Constitution Working Party agreed the number of directors should be increased to three and that the appointment should be a non-executive member of the Council.

 Cllr Stamirowski will serve as its new non-executive member, after being approved by the cabinet.

She is a councillor for Catford South and has been a councillor since 2006, where she has been a member of various committees including the chair of licensing.

She will be on the same terms at its two directors – Ralph Wilkinson, Lewisham’s  director of public services and Selwyn Thompson, the director of financial services.

So far the day to day activities of the company, responsible for the development of the Catford Shopping Centre, have been managed by the two council officers, a council report said.

The shopping centre is part of regeneration plans for Catford, which include emptying Millford Towers of residents, redeveloping the Catford Greyhound Stadium site into 589 new homes with commercial floor space and a community centre, a Catford Broadway pedestrian zone and a new route for the South Circular.