A furious mum has slammed a Swanley primary school for "neglecting" her daughter who broke her wrist in the playground.

She claims staff at St Mary's Church of England in Swanley told her daughter, Rosie, eight, that it was "just a sprain" before applying an ice pack.

The year four pupil was using playing tyres on Friday (September 13) at around 12.30pm when she fell.

Little Rosie bravely saw out the school day and even went to homework club before her mum arrived to collect her at 4.30pm.

"When I picked her up her wrist was bent," Debbie Nicholls told News Shopper. "She said 'mum don’t touch it don’t touch - it hurts' and she was screaming at me with tears down her face.

"She wouldn’t let me anywhere near it."

Debbie said the school "let Rosie down" and the worried mum took her daughter to Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Woolwich that afternoon.

An x-ray showed her wrist was broken and it was put in a cast.

The family left the hospital after 10.30pm that night and Rosie’s parents were livid that the school failed to inform them that their daughter was hurt earlier in the day.

"It’s neglect," Debbie said. "They neglected a little eight-year-old girl."

News Shopper:

Debbie said Rosie had to be spoon-fed by staff after being unable to use cutlery because of her injured wrist. The eight-year-old has not been in school since.

Debbie told News Shopper she was left even more upset after learning the school did not record the incident in its accident book until the Monday.

"I just couldn’t believe it," she said. "The head teacher told me the staff were horrified."

Rosie remains in a cast after having it changed this week.

Headteacher of the school, Amanda McGarrigle, told News Shopper: "The safety and wellbeing of all of our pupils is of paramount importance at all times, and we strive to ensure they can work, learn and play in a safe environment.

"On 13th September a pupil fell while playing on playground equipment and injured her arm. Staff followed standard first aid procedures, and the pupil was examined by two members of staff with first aid qualifications, who did not find any swelling and noted that the pupil was able to move her arm.

"At the pupil's request, she attended an after school club. I understand that later the same evening the girl was taken to hospital where it was discovered that she had broken her wrist.

"I was sorry to hear this and I have offered to put necessary measures in place to help the pupil with her studies while her wrist is mending.

"My staff and I would like to wish the pupil a speedy recovery and look forward to welcoming her back to school soon."