A twelve-year-old boy from Sidcup has made his West End debut in two sold out performances.

Damian Sparks performed on September 19 at the Leicester Square Theatre in showcase performances of a new musical: “Call Me Diana” about the life of Princess Diana.

The boy had an intense month of rehearsals with the cast and with a UK and US production teams at Raindance Studios.

David Smart the composer was so impressed with Damian’s voice that he asked him to open the show with an off stage vocal.

Damian said “It was really exciting performing in the West End. I had to open the show by singing a solo from the wings. It was quite scary but I felt really proud.”

The boy was submitted by his acting agent and was one of only two boys to be chosen as part of the children’s chorus of just eight.

After the performance Damian's agent Maddie said “I had a smile on my face and tears in my eyes watching my five clients perform their socks off, I’m so proud of them. Rehearsals were really challenging and the bar was set very high by the directing team but they all exceeded my expectations.

"It’s been fantastic for each of them to have this opportunity to perform in a professional production on a West End stage at such an early stage in their careers.”

With a professional orchestra, narrator Adrian Mills to bring the story to life and Natasha John in the lead role of Diana, and reviews have been very positive.

Audiences commented that the production achieved just the right balance, showing Diana’s difficulties as a Royal and her tragic early death alongside her role as the Queen of Hearts and her incredible humanity.

Composer David Smart and lyricist Brian Watson worked on the musical for over 10 years before bringing it to the West End stage.