A teenager has been arrested following a stabbing ourside a school in Plumstead.

Officers were called to reports of a man armed with a knife in Griffin Road outside Plumstead Manor School at 3.21pm on September 19.

A teenage boy, believed to be 16 years old, suffered a stab wound to his shoulder.

His condition is not life threatening.

A boy, aged 16, was arrested on September 21 and bailed to return on a date in mid-October.

The school issued this statement:

"- We are delighted that the victim of the stabbing has been released from hospital and is doing well. We are offering he and his family all the support they need.

- We are working very closely with the Police to ensure the perpetrator of this attack is found, and are in constant communication with them. At present, while an individual has been identified, they have not been apprehended. That individual is not a member of our community.

- The attack did not take place outside the school, rather at a bus stop on Griffin Road. It was a very fluid situation and the exact nature of what had taken place was not clear for some time afterwards.

- We have communicated with all students and staff through a series of assemblies throughout this morning, making clear our offer of support and counselling. Any student who needs support will be given someone to talk to.

- We will continue to have a significant staff presence in the vicinity of the school at the beginning and end of the school day. There will also be a visible presence from the police and safer community officers.

- We have been very clear with the whole community about what to do should they have any concerns on the way to and from school, and how to stay safe.

- Our students have dealt with this challenging situation in a mature and responsible manner and we are enormously proud of how they have supported each other and us at this difficult time.

- We will release all students on time this afternoon and have cancelled/postponed any detentions due to take place today. All students will thus be released at 3pm and are advised to go directly home.

We fully understand that an incident such as this in our community is one that makes us all stop and think. The victim goes to our school, and the attack took place in the proximity of not only our school but three other primary schools. We will do all we can to ensure our young people are safe and feel safe, and it is vital that we all stand strong in the face of this appalling violence. We are happy to field questions and queries from parents and carers who need only contact us through the normal routes. The school will open as normal next week."

Enquiries continue.