People have been urged to avoid Chislehurst High Street after a car crashed into a restaurant earlier today.

We understand the car hit Mirage 2 and no injuries were reported.

A post on Visit Chislehurst read: "Please avoid the high street. Three fire crews. Unfortunate accident involving a car and The Mirage. We are not aware of casualties as yet and hope no one has been injured."

A police spokesman told News Shopper it was a "damage only" crash and there are no injuries reported.

The emergency services were called at 12.05pm and police said there have been "no arrests at the moment".


One woman, Laura Wright, wrote to News Shopper: "I arrived at my local café for brunch with my daughter and partner, next thing you know bang.

"We didn't have a clue what was going on but the noise was so loud it startled us half to death.

"A deaf man didn't hear how much he had his foot on the gas pedal and when he released clutch the BMW came crashing into the café window.

"Thank the lord no one was injured, including the man's young son in the car."

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