Residents in Penge and Bell Green are scratching their heads after two century-old cattle troughs were dug out and taken from the street.

The mysterious disappearance of the historic trough on Green Lane in Penge was spotted on Wednesday, September 18.

Claire Frost, admin of the Penge Tourist Board Facebook group, said residents were "heartbroken" at the loss of the trough.

She described it as "much-loved, unique and irreplaceable."

The trough was inscribed with the words: 'Be kind and merciful to all animals. In memory of David Benjamin, 1815-1893'.

According to the Metropolitan Drinking Fountain & Cattle Trough Association, the trough was installed on Green Lane in 1917.

In recent years, the Penge trough had become a flowerbed which locals would water.

The MDFCTA website says the granite trough was built using money left in the will of Louis David Benjamin.

Sydenham residents are also pondering the disappearance of an even older trough on the corner of Bell Green and Mall Walk.

The trough, inscribed by the MDFCTA, was installed in 1899.

The missing troughs have been reported to councils and to police as theft.