Plumstead Manor School has released a statement after a student was stabbed by an unknown attacker. 

Officers were called to Griffin Road at 3.21pm yesterday (September 19) to reports of a man wielding a knife. 

The incident reportedly took place near to the South Rise Primary School.

A teenage boy, believed to be 16 years old, suffered a stab wound to his shoulder. 

His condition is not life threatening and no arrests have been made at this stage. 

Plumstead Manor has now released a statement regarding the incident. 

Here is their statement. 

"After school today at a bus stop in the local area a young man who is in Year 12 at Plumstead Manor School was stabbed by an attacker unknown to the school. This incident continues to be investigated by the Police and we are not in a position to release more details other than that the young man is receiving medical care and his injuries are not life-threatening.

"Although the school day had ended, we responded quickly, and working with the Police and Emergency Services, allowed students back into school before locking down our entrances. This lock down was in place for around 25-30 minutes while the Police made sure the area in the vicinity of the school was safe. Once this was confirmed we released students, making contact with parents and carers where necessary to make sure all our young people reached home safely.

"The school will be open as normal tomorrow, and we will offer support and counselling to anyone who has been affected by this. Our thoughts are with the family of the victim and we look forward to his speedy recovery and return to his studies. We are a safe, happy and vibrant school, and although these events took place outside our community we will stand strong in the face of such violence."