A cat owner is warning others after his tabby was caught in an illegal gin trap.

David Farrow from Welling posted in a local Facebook after his cat Smudgie was caught on September 10.

A Gin Trap is a mechanical device designed to catch an animal by the leg using spring operated jaws either with or without a serrated edge or teeth.

News Shopper:

The use of gin traps has been illegal in the UK since 1958, however they are causing carnage today to wildlife and pets.

David said: "Our cat Smudgie dragged home a Gin Trap. He doesn’t travel far so owners of cats and indeed dogs should be careful in the Sandringham Drive/Marina Drive area of Welling."

So far, Smudgie's vet bills have cost well over £1,000 after the trap caused extensive damage.

David told News Shopper: "He broke a least two bones in foot possibly more but apparently they are very small in a cats foot to see on X-ray.

"Smudgie also had a deep cut to front paw and also one on back paw needing ten stitches.

"His front paw skin is necrotic and if not controlled means he will lose his leg."

Photos of Smudgie show him distressed in the illegal trap, and so David wants to make sure no one else has to go through the same thing.

News Shopper:

David said: "I’m not worried if this trap was left by accident or indeed placed by design it is a evil thing and I’d love to meet the person who placed it."

"So far Smudgie hasn’t lost his leg and we are obviously hoping that this doesn’t change."

A GoFundMe has now been set up for Smudgie - you can donate here.