The family of a murdered man has thanked the public for help to fund his funeral.

Leo Marcus was just 22 years old when he was brutally murdered in Kidbrooke for not handing over his phone on July 10.

At the time a fundraiser was set up to help the family afford a proper send off for Leo.

Family friend Kirk, told News Shopper: "I just wanted to try and get some good out of a bad situation.

"I truly cannot understand how you go from mugging someone to murdering them."

Leo's funeral was held at New Testament Church Lee High Road, followed by a short burial at Eltham Cemetery on September 13.

Kirk said: "The financial donations and words of kindness offered by your readership made possible an exquisite and tremendously dignified funeral.

"I have been asked to convey the enormous and heartfelt thanks of the Marcus family who sadly lost their son Leo Marcus in a senseless attack July this year."

Kirk said that as the sun shone through the trees at Eltham cemetery Leo was finally laid to rest with the support and compassion of the readership of the News Shopper.

He continued: "It is the wish of the family that your readers know that every penny donated, minus the website fee, was transferred to the funeral directors.

"The funeral will take many months if not years to pay off in full but the contribution of the readers made the entire day possible.

The fundraising page remains open for those who wish to donate towards the remainder of the cost.

Click here to donate.

Shackim Taylor, 19, of Gunyard Mews, was arrested on Sunday before being charged in the last few hours for murder, robbery and possession of an offensive weapon.

Leo was repeatedly stabbed in broad daylight in Tellson Avenue in the broad daylight attack.

Police were called at 2.40pm before he was pronounced dead in hospital at 8.35pm.

A fundraiser was set up soon after Leo's death by a family friend to cover the costs of the funeral, which raised over £2,000 in just two days.

Leo's dad, Cliff Marcus said: “I am touched by the generosity and kindness of so many people. I am a private person and I didn’t even know the campaign was being launched - I don’t know what to say.

"People have been showing their love to my family, my boy, and I am grateful to everybody”