A woman has been left with neck pains after driving into a hole in the road because an "unknown party" removed barriers.

The act resulted in a car driving straight into the hole on Yester Road, Chislehurst, on Monday (September 16) morning.

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Abi, whose car got lodged in the road, told News Shopper barriers were nowhere to be seen before the crash.

She went to the hospital with her dad yesterday (September 17) after reporting to have "really bad pains in my neck and head".

A Thames Water spokesman has now acknowledged to News Shopper that barriers were moved.

"We have carried out a full investigation and can confirm the correct signs and barriers were in place when we left the site on Sunday.

"At some point overnight, the barriers were moved by an unknown party.

"We understand that road closures can be frustrating but they are needed so essential work can be carried out safely and efficiently."

No paramedics were called to the scene and once the car was removed from the hole the driver drove away.

The repair of a 12-inch diameter pipe is now complete and Thames Water hope to have the road back open by the end of the week.