A teenage boy is demanding Bexley Council remove an "ugly" fence after claiming it has no business being there.

Jeremy Fosten, 16, said the new concrete fence on the Shoulder of Mutton Green in Welling was "unacceptable".

He described it as "visual pollution" and the "beige and rather ugly" eyesore distracted from an "otherwise beautiful green".

The Stationers’ Crown Woods student has started a petition to get the fence removed as part of a politics class project.

However, Bexley Council said the fence was installed in response to the concerns of residents about illegal incursions.

Explaining why he started a petition, Jeremy said: "I wanted to focus on a local issue that I am passionate about. I believe the fence to be a safety risk.

"The green is prone to flooding, and concrete posts of this nature may damage the sewage infrastructure and sink the floor level, causing the magnitude of floods to worsen.

"I hope to have 1,000 signatures by the 16th October and would be grateful if people can support my petition for my school’s project by signing this via this web link."

At the time of publishing over 100 signatures had been collected.

On the petition he argued that the council erected the bars to stop travellers parking caravans on the green.

He described this precaution as "unnecessary" because he has apparently only ever seen travellers once.

Jeremy has sent a Freedom of Information request to the council to find out how much it cost to install the fence.

He also claims there was no public consultation prior to the fence being put up.

A Bexley Council spokesperson told News Shopper: "The new fence at Shoulder of Mutton Green was installed as an anti-incursion measure, in direct response to requests from residents for the council to take action to prevent vehicles, particularly motor cycles, from accessing the Green.

"This approach was discussed with a number of residents prior to installation."