A 49-year-old Swanley woman is facing her biggest fear to support her incredible niece who is refusing to give up despite stage four breast cancer.

Sharon Wickes said her family was "gobsmacked" last November when her niece Danielle, 30, was diagnosed.

Danielle had to stop breast feeding her then six-month old baby girl Joey as her life was turned upside down.

However, the brave mum refused to be defeated and urged her family not to treat her any differently.

She has already defied expectations and last weekend celebrated her 30th birthday.

"We didn’t know if she would ever see this birthday," aunt Sharon told News Shopper.

The young mum has endured chemotherapy and treatments still in infancy because of new research.

She has left doctors perplexed and her latest scan failed to even detect the tumour in her breast.

The several tumours in her liver have also decreased to just three or four.

"She has been absolutely fantastic," Sharon said. "Dan said at the time that I don’t care what you do just make me live for my baby."

Sharon said Danielle’s fight has been an inspiration to everyone around her.

As such, Sharon, who is petrified of flying, has signed up for a skydive to honour Danielle and to raise money for Breast Cancer Now.

"I can’t even get on an aeroplane without a few Valium in me," she laughed nervously. "I know how scared Dan was when she was diagnosed so I needed to do something that scares me.

"I remember telling everyone and nobody could believe me, and I had to show my receipt as proof," Sharon laughed.

The proud aunt said Danielle was always quiet growing up but that her response to cancer surprised the family.

She said: "All of a sudden there was this 29-year-old girl going 'f*** you cancer, f*** you' and we thought wow where did this come from."

Danielle moved her wedding forward and married her husband Tim in June with little Joey as a bridesmaid.

News Shopper: Danielle on her wedding day Danielle on her wedding day

"She has been a warrior," Sharon added. "She actually rocked the skinhead look.

"Danielle is living for her husband, baby and all of us."

Sharon will skydive on October 19 at Maidstone Airfield and hopes to raise £1,000 for Breast Cancer Now to fund more life-saving research.

You can support Danielle's fundraiser here https://www.facebook.com/donate/404196950232885/