Youngsters in Bromley will rally to join a global protest to demand more action in tackling climate change.

The Bromley Climate Strike will take place on Friday (September 20) with protestors gathering on the high street.

It is timed for 3.30pm to avoid students skipping school.

Sam Gee, 16, one of the organisers, said: "This is a unique opportunity for people in Bromley to come together to call for action that matches the scale of the emergency.

"The council’s 2029 target for net-zero emissions on direct council activities is a good start, but that accounts for just a fraction of Bromley’s overall emissions."

The teenager added: "We must leave no stone unturned, and I’m confident that Bromley is ready for a transformation that will lead to cleaner air, healthier people, new green jobs and a brighter future for the Borough’s children.

"Nobody should have to strike for a liveable planet – but the science tells us that we cannot afford not to."

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Thousands of students are expected to gather in Parliament Square and Millbank in London as well as across the country.

Parisa Wright, founder of Greener & Cleaner Bromley & Beyond, said we "can’t leave it to the kids" to "repair what we have destroyed".

A spokesperson for Bromley Living Streets added: "Bromley school strikers are teaching us what it means to take climate change seriously.

"Bromley Living Streets is committed to working in partnership with other local groups to fight for climate justice and to support Bromley Council to take concrete steps to achieve its new target of net zero carbon emissions by 2029, so that our children inherit the planet they deserve."