A "die-in" protest will take place in Penge later this month in response to Bromley Council’s decision not to take part in London’s car-free day.

Extinction Rebellion Bromley, which was launched in February, say that between 2-3pm on September 22 they will perform climate change themed stunts at Penge Crossroads.

This is the same day where major roads will be closed in London to encourage people to find alternative ways to get to work.

Bromley Council said it was not against a car free day but said it was "not appropriate" to ban car use on any particular day.

Protestors said traffic won't be disrupted and that people will be dressed in costumes representing extinct animals.

A "die-in" protest involves participants playing dead to emphasize their message.

A Bromley XR statement read: "We were disappointed to learn that the London Borough of Bromley is not participating in car-free day so we will temporarily be reclaiming the streets to engage the public in issues related to climate and ecological breakdown in a creative and lighthearted way.

"Ultimately we’d like to see citizens assemblies employed to solve the climate crisis where our political system has so far failed."

Bromley XR clashed with the council last month when councillors walked out of a meeting when the group attempted to read a speech which was not on the agenda.

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The group insist that swift action is needed to halt biodiversity loss and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero and said the "die-in" was to awareness about the threat of climate change.

Responding to the upcoming protest, Councillor William Huntington-Thresher said: "The council directs its funding towards helping residents achieve a permanent change to active travel 365 days a year, rather than engage in gestures and only achieve a change on one day of the year.

"We have also encouraged our walking / rambling and cycling groups in the borough to organise trips on that day, as part of encouraging change. I am concerned that the proposed stunt will severely impact emergency vehicle response times.

"Residents should be in no doubt we have been taking action for many years and have recently committed to net zero emissions by 2029, one of the most stringent targets any local authority has set.

"It is true that the council is not responsible for most of the emissions in the borough but we are leading by example and I am supportive of raising awareness of what we can all do, which is also useful."

The executive councillor for environment and community services added that the council had committed to having net zero emissions by 2029.