Controversial boundary change proposals, which include splitting up Ladywell to create ‘Ladywell Brockley’, will be submitted following their approval by Lewisham Council.

The Local Government Boundary Commission are reviewing Lewisham’s electoral boundaries, and have called for submissions from local people and organisations.

Seven councillors abstained from voting to approve the council’s submission, amid concerns about splitting up Ladywell.

This comes after a public meeting of 150 Ladywell residents gathered on August 27 to oppose the initial proposals, created by a working group of councillors and council officers.

Ladywell ward councillor, Carl Handley, spoke against the proposals and said there should have been a public consultation.

“It’s our community that don’t agree with it,” he said.

“They cant believe the council haven’t held a consultation.”

But deputy mayor, Cllr Chris Best, said it was the commission running the consultation, with the council only a responder.

The public can also input, with everyone’s viewed weighed equally by the commission, she said.

“It is the Local Government Boundary commission’s review and it is they who will ultimately be putting new boundary changes to the wards to the Secretary of State for approval at the 2022 elections,” she said.

The council’s proposal would see new wards created through the breaking up of Whitefoot, New Cross, Brockley, Evelyn and Ladywell to account for population growth and changes.

When carrying out a boundary review, three factors must be taken into account: making sure wards have a largely equal number of voters; sense of community; and convenient and effective government.

Under its submission, Brockley would be split into a new ward called Deptford St John’s, while Whitefoot ward would be broken up completely with nearly 40 per cent forming a new Hither Green ward. The rest of Whitefoot would be split over Catford South, Downham and Bellingham.

Ladywell would be split into a new Ladywell Brockley, with a third of Ladywell ward going into Lewisham Central.

New Cross would be changed to New Cross Gate ward with nearly 40 per cent going to new Deptford St John's.

And Evelyn would be split into Deptford Evelyn, with a fifth of the ward going to New Cross Gate.

A Local Government Boundary Commission spokesman confirmed all views, whether from the council, councillors or general public, would be weighed equally.

Some local authorities held public consultations before submitting its own proposals while some did not, he said.

He said the commission was gathering ideas before it set its own draft proposals.

These would go out for consultation between December 3 and February 10, where the public would again be able to have their say.