A group of inspiring women have worked on a calendar in the hopes of raising vital money for cancer research and Macmillan. 

Mandy Parker, 54, returned home from abroad in 2013 only to be dealt with the blow of being diagnosed with breast cancer. 

She now lives in Swanley and remains under treatment, which in the past has included two surgeries, eight rounds of chemotherapy and 15 radiotherapy sessions.

She is a member of White Oak Leisure Centre and she decided to make a calendar to raise money for cancer research and Macmillan.

"Macmillan are there for you 24 hours a day at the end of the phone and my journey was an emotional rollercoaster," Mandy told News Shopper.

"A lot of people say to me how strong I have been but that’s because I spent 25 years living with a serious illness."

Mandy, Sylvia, ladies from the gym and other friends have been photographed for the calendar in Swanley and surrounding areas.

"Most people use a calendar and I work religiously by a diary or a calendar," she explained. "People can use them throughout the year, and it was a way for us to raise money for charities."

All the woman who took part have been affected by cancer in some way, and Mandy is still being treated. 

She said: "You suffer with a lots of emotions and many things go through your mind, even when they say you are in remission. 

"I try to stay positive, as I think it is so important while going through treatment and I have always been a really positive person."

Sylvia Searles, 65, works at the leisure centre and took part in the calendar photoshoot, which is hoped to be released in the coming weeks.

Mandy Parker (right) and Sylvia Searles (left) at Namaste Indian (Owner Alfie) - DG Blackwell Photography

News Shopper:

Her sister was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and she wanted to help Mandy in any way she could.

"Cancer touches so many people, it really does," Sylvia told News Shopper.

"We had a lot of fun doing the calendar. Although it was taking our clothes off in front of people, we had a great laugh and it was all age groups.

"I’m nearly 66 and would never dreamed of doing this, but it’s for such a good cause."

Some of the locations where photos were taken include the leisure centre, Ruxley Garden Centre and Stanhill Farm – who have all agreed to sell the calendars.

Namaste Swanley has also supported Mandy and the women by hosting a charity night to fund printing costs.