Dartford Safer Roads have welcomed a parliamentary report calling for a ban on pavement parking across England.

The report, published by the House of Commons Transport Select Committee on September 9 makes several recommendations to tackle pavement parking, including that the Government legislate for a nationwide ban across England, a public awareness campaign and a new civil offence for pavement parking.

Dartford Safer Roads say pavement parking has become a serious issue in Dartford and action is now urgently needed. 

Group Spokesperson Jonathon Hawkes said: “We welcome the findings of this report and support the recommendations. 

"The Government should now act on them. Pavement parking is a problem we are increasingly seeing across Dartford. It’s not just an inconvenience – pavement parking makes our streets more dangerous for everyone.  

"We know that when vehicles are blocking pavements it can force pedestrians into busy roads. People with mobility or visual impairments, carers and parents with pushchairs are particularly at risk from pavement parking.

"Pavement parking is already banned in London and we believe it’s time for the rest of the country to follow. That’s why we support the call for a default ban, with parking in pavements only permitted in exceptional circumstances.

"We were also pleased the report highlighted the issue of social isolation caused by pavement parking. People may be reluctant to leave their house if they cannot walk safely on pavements. The sight of our pavements blocked by parked cars does not create an inclusive, safe or attractive street environment for people to share together.”

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