An elderly Beckenham woman said she was "very pleased" to see a fire engine turn up outside her front door.

Eileen Morgan, 92, is registered blind and the London Fire Brigade celebrated a huge milestone when she became the millionth resident visited for fire safety advice.

Home fire safety visits (HFSVs) were introduced in 2005 to prevent accidental fire deaths and injuries.

To mark the millionth HFSV, Commissioner Dany Cotton visited Miss Morgan along with a crew from Beckenham Fire Station’s Blue Watch.

Mrs Morgan said she enjoyed a "very jolly afternoon" and described the firefighters as being "so pleasant".

She added: "It was also lovely to meet the commissioner and to see a woman in that position – she was just one of the team.

"I was so impressed when one of the firefighters, who was very tall, just got the smoke alarm and fitted it to the ceiling.

"They did a wonderful job and it’s a pity that some people are unaware of these visits being available.

"I am honoured to help mark the millionth visit. They say everyone gets 15 minutes of fame in their lifetime and I’ve waited 92 years to get mine – and what a great cause to get it with."

Commissioner Cotton added: "The number of fires at residential properties has been reducing over time which is largely thanks to our prevention work with communities to educate them about the dangers of fire in the home.

"Our HFSVs have changed a lot since I was a frontline firefighter and it was great to join Blue Watch and meet a resident who was so pleased to welcome us and who we were able to give practical tips to on how to stay safe in her home.

"I’m really proud my staff have given potentially life-saving advice to more than two million Londoners and I’d encourage anyone that hasn’t had a visit to get in touch and book one."

The LFB visits are free and are particularly targeted at vulnerable people.