A Bromley plumber has been prosecuted and fined for dumping rubbish at a once notorious fly-tip site.

Sergo Gvelesian is responsible for two fly-tipping offences at Kangley Bridge Road, Sydenham, where a total of 50 bags of waste were dumped.

News Shopper reported last year how the fly-tipping was making the lives of workers there "hell".

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Plumber Gvelesian was fined a total of £1,787 as part of Bromley Council’s 'We’re watching you' anti fly-tip initiative.

Councillor Kate Lymer said: "Dumped rubbish and enviro-crimes of this kind are totally unacceptable and can be especially dangerous for drivers, and the health of residents and wildlife in the local area.

"Apart from being a crime that is costly for council tax payers, who ultimately end up paying the bill for removal, fly-tipping is a crime that is lazy, inconsiderate, and disrespectful to everybody who calls Bromley their home."

Gvelesian, of SG Building and Heating Ltd, was investigated after a council officer responded to 20 black bags filled with bricks, broken tiles and wood dumped in Kangley Park Road being found on July 25, 2018.

Another offence was reported three months later when 30 black bags filled with plaster board, broken tiles, wood and decorating and household waste were discovered in the same spot.

Personal details were found among the rubbish that led to the plumber for a second time.

Bromley Council is now warning residents and traders to only employ registered waste carriers to remove rubbish or unwanted goods.

Executive Councillor for Public Protection and Enforcement, Kate Lymer, added: "We urge residents to always check to see if they’re employing registered waste carriers to carry out works for them, otherwise they may find themselves liable if their waste ends up littering our streets."