Despite BB guns being nothing more than a toy, police in Bexley are warning parent not to let their children outside with them.

Welling Police were called to Sherwood Park Avenue on August 30 to reports of a group of teenage males discharging it in the street.

Initially until information was received around the colour and the type of ammunition from the informant Authorised Firearms Officer’s (AFO’s) we’re assigned and travelling to deal with a potential threat. Fortunately the informant provided enough information for those officers to be cancelled.

Welling Police said: "So parents here is my message. Have you purchased your children a BB Gun? If you have please ensure they don’t take it in public.

"Some people can’t tell the difference between a BB Gun and a real gun. In such circumstances they could find themselves being stopped at gun point by armed officers, who have to make an incredibly difficult call between what is real and what is fake all in a split second.

"As for this gun.

News Shopper:

"Although it is clearly a BB Gun I am not allowed to call it such until it had been proved and made safe by a specialist forensics officer who needed to check to ensure it wasn’t converted for live firing. Now that’s been done it’s going to be destroyed."