Two brainy Bexley students have received high praise after they were awarded top marks in all 12 of their GCSEs, becoming two of only ten achieve this feat in the UK.

Kylie Li, 16 and of Welling, along with classmate Katie Henderson, 16 and of Bexley, scored grade 9s in all of their chosen GSCE subjects while studying at Bexley Grammar School, much to their delight.

The perceptive pair join eight others who managed to hit the extraordinary academic target in this year's round of results released last week, according to Ofqual.

Speaking to News Shopper, Kylie explained that the incredible results she received were a complete shock to her at the time.

"I wasn’t really expecting it because I was very anxious during the exams.

"I wouldn't say I'm naturally smart but I do ok in school and I did do a lot of revision for these exams so I felt prepared going in," she said.

Classmate Katie however, told of her relief upon receiving her gleaming grades as she too had felt extremely anxious throughout her tests.

"I feel very relieved because I wa svery nervous leading up to the exams. It wasn’t a fun experience.

"But I just felt like the last five years of working hard has paid off, like all that revision was worth it," she said.

Both teens are now hoping to take the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme with aspirations of attending university in the future.

Speaking on their monumental marks, Head Teacher for Bexley Grammar, Stephen Elphick said: "What Katie and Kylie have achieved is stunning in so many ways.

"Like the rest of the Bexley Grammar Year 11 cohort, their 12 GCSEs included two languages, all three separate sciences, a humanities subject and RS (on just one lesson per week) - about as challenging a curriculum as is possible.

"Only 1350 students in England took 12 or more GCSEs (14% of those are BGS students) and only 10 of those gained straight 9s.

"Katie and Kylie have demonstrated perfection and deserve to be two of the top 10 GCSE students in England.

"All the staff who have worked with them over the years are so proud of what they achieved. We are in awe of them and their future prospects."