The mum of a wheelchair-bound eight-year-old girl from Forest Hill is desperate to buy her daughter a new chair so she can take after her wheelchair skateboarding hero.

Millie Ansett suffers from a form of spina bifida called myelomeningocele which means she can’t walk or control the bottom half of her body.

“I have to carry out all of Mille’s day-to-day needs,” her mum Irene, 34, told News Shopper.

“She has to have a catheter and an overnight catheter bag. She’s very bright but can’t change the catheter bag herself.”

Mrs Ansett, a full-time mum with two other disabled children Jake, 7, and Isabelle, 11, also takes Millie to her various hospital appointments with 15 different consultants she has to see.

“I have to fight for her constantly,” she said.

Mrs Ansett described her daughter as “strong willed.”

She said: “She doesn’t give up easily. I wish I had that kind of strength to be honest.”

Despite her fighting spirit, Mrs Ansett described how Millie can feel depressed about her condition.

“She is sensitive and she takes things to heart. She suffers from anxiety and she’ll often say to me she hates being in a wheelchair.

Mrs Ansett and her husband, Peter, 34, have looked into buying Millie a new wheelchair so she can practice wheelchair skateboarding at the skatepark.

“Millie absolutely loves skateparks. Her hero is Aaron Fotheringham who was the first person to do a wheelchair backflip in a skatepark.”

The family has set up a GoFundMe page for £5,000 to afford a TiLite Twist wheelchair to give Millie more freedom to practice tricks.

Mrs Ansett described Millie’s achievements as a keen athlete, competing at S-Factor Academy Ladywell which runs inclusive activities.

“She won four medals recently but she’s struggling to go fast in the wheelchair she has at the moment.

“With the new chair she’ll be able to move around quicker and be like her idols.”

Any money left over from the fundraiser will be donated to S-Factor Academy.