It was an eventful afternoon in Penge today after a large knife was recovered after a policeman lost his shoe before catching up with a runner and making an arrest.

The neighbourhood police tasking team was on patrol when officers came across three men who "reeked of cannabis" at Wadhurst Close.

Bromley Police joked on Facebook: "One man must have heard his mother calling because he suddenly made a run for it."

The runner was chased by a police constable who lost his shoe while sprinting through a nearby estate.

He managed to catch up with the man before putting him in handcuffs.

A police statement read: "This knife was found by one of the officers. Needless to say it could have been used to kill someone.

"The three men were all arrested. We can’t tell you much more at the moment but hope to bring you more when we get an update."

Thankfully a search of the area recovered the police officer’s shoe.