A Sidcup shopworker was left with a sore head after a group of yobs launched a box of bottled beer at staff in an attempt to flee the scene of a robbery.

According to Blenhill and Penhill Police, a group of four youths (approximately aged 14-16 years old) attempted to steal alcohol from the Co-op store in The Oval on August 22.

During the ordeal, staff members pursued the young thieves before one shopkeeper was struck in the head with a full "box of Budweiser", causing them minor injury.

When asked to comment, a spokeswoman for Southern Co-op said: "Regrettably one of our colleagues received a small cut following a theft on August 22.

"The injury was minor and no medical attention was required.

"However, we take all incidents of this nature seriously, it was reported immediately and CCTV has been passed to the police.

"We would encourage anyone with information to speak to the Metropolitan Police who we would like to thank for their assistance."

Investigating officers have seized the CCTV footage from the day in question.