Hundreds of "mouldy" bread loaves had to be fished from a Thamesmead lake in what a local councillor called an "act of environmental vandalism".

Staff from the housing authority Peabody's Canals Team were faced with the doughy dilemma on Thursday, August 22, when they were forced to 'pain'-stakingly remove more than 300 of the plastic-wrapped sliced pans from the waters of one of the town's lakes.

It's understood that the same team had only cleared the lake of rubbish the day previous.

Speaking to News Shopper, independent councillor for Thamesmead East, Cllr Danny Hackett spoke of his outrage towards the unusual act.

"This is not only an act of environmental vandalism, it is a criminal act.

"Those responsible absolutely must be found and prosecuted.

"If anyone knows those responsible, I would urge them to come forward and give their details to the relevant authorities.

"Thamesmead is the jewel in Bexley’s crown, we cannot and will not let the vandals win," he said.

The waterlogged loaves were properly disposed of by Peabody workers who 'rose' to challenge early this morning.

It's not yet clear who committed the c-'rye'-me but it's understood that the housing authority are currently investigating the incident.

Peabody have been contacted for further information.